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We at CW Jagdkontor are passionate about living and working in Africa. Generally regarded as third world countries, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute and improve the local economic growth of the areas in which we operate. Through our experience in the tourism industry we have gained insights into new business opportunities, project development and implementation services and shared strategies which include mutual beneficial relationships with local communities. Our trading and consulting network is not only limited to Uganda but also expands into South Sudan and Mozambique.



Uganda is a landlocked country, meaning that it has no coastline and thus no commercial sea harbor as ease of access for importing and exporting of goods. However, through our business network we are able to import and distribute non-perishable food items such as wheat flour, rice, sugar, salt, beans and sunflower oil.

South Sudan

The devastating effects of a Civil War have struck this country for years but since its independence in 2011, South Sudan has been gradually rebuilding itself and has placed high value on the protection of its fauna and flora. It is here where we offer consulting and project implementation services for South Sudan’s conservation and reserve rehabilitation efforts.


We source the highest quality at the best price for international products such as beef, chicken & pork. In addition, we also arrange the shipping and importation & distribution of these products into Mozambique through the ports of Maputo, Beira and Pemba.